Foam products manufacturing

Alma’s nesting library is an advanced foam nesting and cutting optimization system. It is widely used in the foam products manufacturing industries: furniture & bedding, automotive interiors (seats, headrests, armrests, roof liners) and protective packaging.

Our nesting solution automatically generates the most efficient layout for foams of multiple dimensions and nature. It works perfectly with various machine types: horizontal and vertical splitting machines, profiling machines, contour cutting machines and peeling machines. Its powerful nesting capabilities allow manufacturers to optimize overall material utilization, to streamline the production and to optimize machine productivity.



“We are very satisfied with the high customizability and flexibility of Alma’s nesting API, which helped create a plug-in for our specific PostProcessing (Autorouting), unloading needs (PickByView) and diagnosis of parts. We have been working with Alma for more than twelve years and always have direct contact with its development team, who offers us great help and support.”

Andreas Billmann, Project Engineer

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